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Cafe waiter performance training


Training method POWER TRAINING
Duration of training 1 TRAINING DAY


In the cafe waiter's performance training, you get the basic skills to work in a cafe. In the practical training, we practice hand-in-hand the preparation of specialty coffees and get to know different coffee and tea drinks. We practice customer service situations in a real environment. We get to know the coffee shop's machines and equipment, not forgetting dish maintenance and cleaning. We are talking about careful work and minimizing losses. We go through the cafe's work tasks, from opening to closing. 

  • Cafe concept and work tasks
  • Display of the showcase
  • Coffee shop machines and equipment
  • Making specialty coffees
  • Cafe customer service, recommendation and sales
  • Careful and responsible work, minimizing waste
  • Cleaning and dish care


- Seasonal changes and changing needs cause regular resource shortages.

- Through performance coaching, the new job role can be taken over effectively, and at the beginning of the employment relationship, the skills and performance of newcomers are significantly improved.

- Performance coaching is not only intended for newcomers, but they can be used to train an existing employee to become a multi-talent or a supervisor.

- From the company's point of view, it is always easier to take on a person with whom the tasks and skills required for the job role have been reviewed.

- The company's induction effort is reduced when the employee's self-confidence and basic competence related to their own work role is at a sufficient level right from the first shift.


This training is ordered after contacting us. In this way, we ensure that the training is structured to meet expectations and needs. So you don't pay anything in the first step, but we will map out the situation with you.


Effective coaching is concrete and effective coaching for a work role and is carried out on a daily basis. Our training is phased as follows:

1. Before coaching

Power coaching is completed by tailoring it to match the customer's service model and goals under the coach's guidance.

2. Training day(s)

The performance coaching organized as local coaching is 100% practice and is carried out on premises supported by concrete service exercises.

3. After coaching

Competence established through intensive training is verified and reported to the employer

The trainer gives personal feedback to the supervisors about the trainees, which facilitates their possible further training.

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