These effective, 15- to 90-minute self-study courses are visually thought-out entities.

    Although these trainings are self-paced power packages, we activate the participants with various tasks that ensure learning.

    Podcast lectures
    Trainings that strengthen knowledge

    Video trainings
    Courses that present situations and practice

    Virtual coaching
    Training to get familiar with the work environment and work tasks.


    These live trainings, built around current themes , are organized at specified times in accordance with our training calendar.

    Live trainings are attended in accordance with the order of registration, and if necessary, we also provide places for substitutes. Depending on the subject and the target group, these trainings are interactive power sessions that take place via the ZOOM service , the size of a full football match. (90 min.)


    Individual coaching is structured according to the personal needs of the participant.

    Coaching is handled by our own personal Coach, who builds a personal coaching path in a shared pre-agreed time period (from 120 minutes to 6 hours) .

    This tutoring is also carried out via the ZOOM service, but only between two people.


    These more "classic" trainings, which take place in a work community or other mutually agreed upon environment, are structured according to the needs of different teams and work communities.

    These coachings, which take place at the actual game venue, are 2-6 hours long with breaks. Durations of the actual training:
    1x 90 min. or 3x 90 min.


    These courses are aimed directly at the needs of companies and entrepreneurs in the restaurant and service sectors.

    Business coaching builds a concrete business solution that develops sales and strengthens the concept. The duration of these project-based courses is 1-3 months, depending on the project.

    Examples of our business coaching are the online stores and advertising campaigns built for companies in the restaurant and service sectors.