Collection: Mika Santanen - All-rounder in the packaging industry


"I originally trained as a Production Engineer, who drifted into the packaging industry by chance in 2010. The industry attracted me, and I was the CEO of two contract packaging companies before founding Inpack.

What fascinates the food industry is that the industry is constantly changing, for example
the basics remain. I think it's great to be part of the companies story
in this development. The best thing about this job is that I get to help and share
experience and know-how accumulated over the years. Food packaging
the most important task is to protect food, but many other dimensions can also be brought to packaging and packaging materials.
I want to produce genuine added value for the customer with my vision and experience
to the production chain.

Through my work and various educations, I have accumulated more than a decade
during the extensive know-how in the packaging industry.
In my activities, the values ​​of Ostrobothnian directness and
of fairness, reliability and partnership."


"With Mika's help, we avoided many potential problem areas and made cost-effective and sensible choices regarding packaging solutions.

Mika exudes expertise and solid experience in the packaging industry. It's easy to work with him, because he really gets things going instead of just talking."

Mood Food Company Oy

"Although our cooperation has focused mainly on product packaging, I have received good tips from Mika on other aspects of packaging as well.

Mika has a wide range of skills and knowledge about the entire packaging process, thanks to which you can get very versatile advice from him."

Taiga Chocolate Oy


"Mika is positive, nice, customer-oriented and solution-oriented. He has a good entrepreneurial nature, clear communication and an eye for offering further ideas. Mika's strength is experience and knowledge of contract packaging and technology. He has a broad understanding of the entire packaging process and does not focus on just one aspect of it. In addition to understanding the matter himself, he also knows how to convey information in an understandable form to others"

"Mika helped us with the design of the consumer packaging and the introduction of the new packaging line. The cooperation quickly produced significant cost savings in material procurement. We knew that Mika has a good reputation, and during the cooperation he delivered on his promises excellently"

"Mika is a down-to-earth consultant with a very extensive knowledge of the packaging industry. He also has experience and background in the business world, so he not only understands packaging, but business as well. Mika is a very good listener who can give development suggestions in a constructive spirit. He is skilled at combining relaxation and iron professionalism in his work"


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