Riikka Tenhunen




My story and journey in the restaurant industry began more than 20 years ago in Rovaniemi. The industry has enabled me to have a versatile career and brought me to a point where I can draw from my own experience to help others.

I have worked in my career for the past ten years in front-person positions in restaurants with very different profiles. I know bar and nightclub life, the operation of a thousand-seat terrace restaurant with saunas, as well as the requirements of a high-class restaurant - without forgetting the hotel life.
I know the unique challenges and also the opportunities of management work in the restaurant industry firsthand.

My strength is a coaching approach to management, as well as consideration of people as a whole. Work is a significant part of life; it can either increase well-being and give a sense of meaning, or it can't. I choose the first one myself. A well-being employee is an immeasurably valuable resource for the organization.


In addition to industry experience, I studied to become a solution-oriented brief therapist, with the aim of being able to respond to the increased need to take care of myself and my team's coping. As well as acquiring more tools to be able to coach motivated individuals and development-seeking teams, with the help of which it is possible to achieve success.

The restaurant industry is in transition, and in the fierce competition, those who are ready to invest comprehensively in the employee experience will succeed among the skilled employees. Those who take care of the endurance and development of their personnel are successful.

In my coaching, I use my own experience and know-how as a basis, combined with solution-oriented methods that are proven to work and are widely used in working life coaching. With their help, together we create a sustainable change in thinking and action and unearth already existing strengths and resources.

My trainings are goal-oriented entities that are always planned from the starting points of each client.