Mikko Uusitupa




When I joined Koutsi, I left the restaurant industry in the background for twenty years. I was able to spend most of these years in managerial positions typical of the industry, but with different roles. I worked as a service manager, restaurant manager, business idea manager and restaurateur, among other things.

The behavior patterns of chains and the maintenance of ready-made business ideas became familiar. Also the most challenging and interesting aspect, building and developing your own concept, became quite familiar.

The marketing of companies in the restaurant and service sectors and its implementation became the most interesting thing for me, along with other daily tasks. Interest in working in the field was waning, interest in the field was not.


My ideology has been born out of a recognized need for centralized marketing and media expertise from the perspective of the restaurant and service industries.

My operating model could best be described with the slogan "From ration card to social media". The need is diverse. Here, experience in the field is a strength, partly even the most important factor.

Unlike traditional advertising agencies, the content of my Koutsau focuses more on a thinking model where the business idea is taken into account, the identity is strengthened and an effective solution is offered, already thinking about the next move. A single successful appearance is an important attention-grabber, but it is even more important to be ready to take advantage of the success for the company's future and sales.

"It's great, someone is thinking for me!"

At Kouts, we know the rush, the need, and the operating models typical of the restaurant and service industries. In the middle of everyday life, marketing is often seen as a necessary evil, which remains to be taken care of along with other work. Often, therefore, to unfortunately little attention. In my business coaching sessions, you can leave the planning and details to Koutsi 100% if you wish.

So you can focus your energy and time on other important areas of your business.