Markus Apuli



"Restaurant and service industry business coach"


I am Markus Apuli, the founder of the Koutsit coaching company and your future coaching partner. I am a business coach in the restaurant industry. 

I founded the Koutsit coaching network because I think the restaurant industry needs a fresh perspective in order to develop comprehensively. The industry lacks a coaching method where the operational and administrative challenges of restaurants are tackled through experience and concreteness with the help of a reliable and professional sparring coach. Of course, Koutsie's training includes both product and service training, but most importantly, our training can benefit the entire organization in the long run, both on an operational and an administrative level.


I have 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry, most of which I did as a manager.

 I have a genuine desire to coach both companies, teams and individuals in the field and career. I closely follow the development and trends of the industry, and I constantly develop my own professional skills both in the restaurant business and in coaching.



When we start a coaching partnership, either lasting or offering a specific solution, I will act as your coaching partner myself. The initial survey serves as the first step in getting to know your house's operating methods, goals and future development wishes. The benefits of a long-term partnership are precisely this: As an external, objective coach, I can be involved in developing solutions for your company that will last for a long time and that can be modified quickly depending on the situation. I have chosen and know each of my coaches personally, and that is exactly why I can guarantee that you will find the right person you need to solve your challenge.