Lasse Kukkonen




In my life so far, as far as I can go back in time in my thoughts, I have defined myself as a hockey player, along with that as a father and a husband. The equipment of the ice hockey player has now been taken off and the packed puck bag is lingering in the stairwell of the ice rink. It's time to renew, get new equipment, build a new self, renew. 

During my hockey career, I have acted as a team leader marked with the letter C for about twenty unique groups of individuals. I have recognized the individual's desire and need to belong to the community and I firmly believe in leading by example, as well as the power of genuine caring for others. I have learned to recognize my emotions and harness them as an asset in a pressure situation. I have proven the importance of knowing yourself. It gives the courage to be exactly who you are, the freedom to truly rely on your own strengths, which enables the path to success.

With my unforgettable teams, we have been the best in the SM league standard Four times and at the world championship level twice, in the men's national team, and as a youngster in the 18-year-old team. In addition, we have achieved several other medal positions, including at the Olympia level.

In my twenties, at the threshold of my league career, I was left wondering more and more often why players with similar physical and skillful qualities perform at very different levels in games. What is it about. The difference had to come from somewhere else, from the mental side. The feeling got stronger for me as I got older, when my own physical and artistic development met its legal point. I've played my best games well since that legal point, so the main strengths have continued to grow on the mental side.



I myself have worked on my own growth as an athlete and as a person during my hockey career with the help of a psychological coach. In external guidance, I have been able to look at things more broadly and have internalized different ways, received tools and support, for psychological development. Mental strength is one of the most important, but also learnable, skills in pursuing and achieving your own dreams.

In coaching, I have the training of a psychological coach alongside my own experience base.