Kati Sirkola



"Restaurant and service sector personal trainer"


"Kati has been a close colleague of mine. He is a personal trainer by second profession, for whom helping people is truly a passion! For Kat, it is important to take care of both the physical and mental well-being of the work community. Kati always sets an example in her work and encourages others! Kat has been particularly impressed by her energetic and brisk presence, which also energizes others who work with her. Kati is a breath of fresh air of well-being and closeness to people in the midst of all the hustle and bustle!"

Markus Apuli , Koutsit Group Oy


"I've been working in sports since 2007. I got lost behind the bar around the same time and I'm still on the same path. I work as a Crossfit coach and personal trainer in Vaasa. From my basic education, I am a sports advisor specializing in coaching and health and fitness sports. Exercise and a healthy diet have always been close to my heart, and my goal is to make them equally important to you as well. When asked why I do this job, the answer is simple; I sincerely want to help people.”



The person who succeeds in sports is the fittest, right? The same applies to working in a restaurant. The better your physical condition is, the better you can handle weight at work, the work is more efficient and, most importantly, the work is also more meaningful and fun.

Meikäläinen has worked in a nightclub for a large part of my life and I claim to know what it is. I know what kind of challenges the work itself and often also the circumstances bring. In my training, we focus on exactly those stumbling blocks. The purpose is to provoke thoughts and give just the right solutions for your everyday life and workplace, which you can use even the very next day.