Katariina Heikkinen



"Koutsie wine master"


"Kata joined Koutsei through referrals, and there were enough of them! As a sommelier, Kata is responsible for Koutsie's wine expertise in a quick and expert manner, as well as coaching newcomers. Kata is known for her thorough way of working, which deals with the client's needs and challenges. I was very impressed with this thoroughness! He has a very clear, but gently guiding approach to coaching. Kata coaches both online and face-to-face!"

Markus Apuli , Koutsit Group Oy


"Ever since I was young, the restaurant world has fascinated me. My journey into the restaurant industry began at the age of 15, when I got a summer job at a company in the industry. Initially, my interest started with food and its preparation, but soon good drinks, combining food and drinks and creating good customer service experiences also joined the equation. . Over the years, I have accumulated work experience in the kitchen, organizing meeting services and family parties, as well as in the hall. At an early stage, wines also came into the picture. I love wine, because it is a versatile food drink that can raise the whole restaurant experience to a whole new level. The world of wines is huge and learning about them is a life-long path. Drinking wine should be fun, in my opinion, unnecessary wrinkles should be thrown in the bin!

With the Master of Wine training, my knowledge about wines increased tremendously. Through that, I was also able to expand my contacts with people in the field. In my current job as the restaurant's shift manager, I still get to combine wines and food, choose wines for the list and recommend suitable wines to customers. They are the salt of my work. Wines, however, are an industry where you are never done. No matter how you study, there is always more information to be found. The wine industry is also always changing: new wine regions are appearing on the world map, winemaking methods are developing, knowledge is constantly increasing and trends are changing. In my spare time, I follow the industry via the Internet and social media, reading magazines and literature, and of course enjoying wines!"


Wines are an interesting product from a waiter's point of view. Often they are only thought of as an additional product in a restaurant to support the food, but they can also be the main product alongside the food. If the restaurant staff knows how to match the products to each other and guide customers in the right wine choices, they earn the customer's trust and make customers come back time and time again. I personally feel that I have succeeded in my work when I see that the customer is satisfied and enjoys his restaurant experience. That's why I always hope to receive direct and constructive feedback from the customer, both good and bad. This is how I develop in my work and learn new things. In addition, positive feedback helps to cope and brings wonderful feelings of success.

As a coach, my task is to share the knowledge I have accumulated over the years about wines and the pairing of wine and food, and to guide waiters and other restaurant employees so that they have the necessary knowledge and skills to make the right choices and raise the customer's visiting experience to a new level.