Juho Viita




I was doing coaching, and I met Juho there. Juhossa was immediately struck by his hospitality, approachability and openness. He is an excellent coach for newcomers, with an engaging attitude and a desire to help and develop both others and his own professional skills! Juho is a really nice guy who enjoys the craftsmanship of his profession! He is a multi-talent in the restaurant industry, who manages both the bar and the banquet, and acts as an empathetic immediate supervisor for his own team."

Markus Apuli , Koutsit Group Oy


"During my career, I've had time to do and try out a variety of job descriptions in the restaurant industry; washing dishes, cleaning, working as a cook in a commercial kitchen and a lunch restaurant, serving banquets and a la carte. The biggest background can be found behind the bar counter in both cases. The experience can be found on summer terraces, nightclubs and hotel bars.

Of these, the current job description of a bartender has definitely become an object of interest. At work, I combine two important things for me, making things with my hands and customer service. 

It's great to be able to interact with customers, to be able to influence the course of their evening and how comfortable they are. Professionally, I consider myself successful when my guests leave a little happier and happier than they were when they arrived."



There is one sentence that has stuck in my mind, which sums up exactly what our profession is all about. The quote belongs to Ilkka Säteri, the honorary member of Tampere Paistinkättänjie. "Fortunately, you have chosen hospitality as your profession".

In my opinion, hospitality is the word around which good customer service is built. We welcome guests as if we were welcoming them into our home. We are genuinely interested in their needs and desires. Let's take care of them so that the visit will be a successful experience in all respects. As we know, it is difficult to save bad service with a good product, but good service can fix an average product instead.

In my trainings, we discuss what good customer service includes, from always recommending sales to the small actions that can improve your customer experience even more.