Erkka Ala-lahti



"Messenger of excellent customer service"


"I was particularly impressed with Erka's customer service skills! I got to know him in the capacity of a customer, and only later after discussing his special expertise and long background in interesting jobs in the restaurant industry, for example in a distillery, did it become apparent. Erka has a really hard work ethic, and she got a lot of testimonials. Erkka has coached with me, for example, the trainings we did with our partner Barona! Erka has a genuine interest in solving the coaching partner's problems and a very special skill in comprehensive customer service."

Markus Apuli , Koutsit Group Oy


"Education and extensive experience in the restaurant industry have refined me into a rock-hard professional of high-quality customer service. I am a socially and verbally skilled, innovative and cooperative person who has always charmed even the most demanding customers with my customer service and people skills. My special areas of expertise are the bar and events, from meetings to VIP sections of events.
In the restaurant world, I'm used to putting up with pressure and difficult customers, and my smile hasn't frozen even in the most difficult situations. Every one of my clients has received the best possible service, despite being in a hurry and their own behavior. My goal is to turn knowledge of basic information, the right kind of self-assurance, and a genuine service attitude from a rarity into its opposite in the customer service industry."



In the restaurant industry, you work with people, and the most unforgettable experiences are formed around high-quality customer service. Experiences are created by paying attention to seemingly small details, but everything starts with the basics and understanding them.
My role as a coach is to bring the basic knowledge and skills of working at a bar to a level that enables natural working, and to motivate to adopt an attitude that promotes sales and produces experiences.
The goal is that after my training, the participant feels that they understand and have adopted the basic principles of customer service and are motivated to produce quality experiences. As well as being ready to cope with the most common situations when working in a bar.