Aleksi Tamminen



"The all-rounder of the beer world"


Aleksi was the first professional I trained as Koutsi! I wanted to build my coaching team around their own passions. After participating in Aleksi's training myself, it was his expertise and passion for his field that made a great impression on me. Aleksi dares to bring up his own experiences and stands behind them. Aleksi has very long experience in the restaurant industry, both as an entrepreneur and as an expert in beer production. Aleksi mainly does online coaching in Koutsei!"

Markus Apuli , Koutsit Group Oy


"Beer and beer culture are an interesting world. The people who work around the drink, the production of beer and its customs, as well as the history open up a world in addition to the drink itself, which you can enjoy for a long time. I've been working on it both in my free time and in my profession for several years. I continue to share this good news and gladly also to others who are interested in the subject, packaged in different wrappers."


In trainings, we dive into the secrets of beer styles by tasting beers while getting to know their history. An important part of selling beer is the right serving methods, technology, glasses, equipment and temperatures. Mapping the customer's taste preferences - which are the most delicious styles and the best pairings.
In my Beer Master trainings, we make real beer and get to know the world of beers deeper than the surface. We get to know the four main raw materials of beer and their use. We will go through the construction of the recipe and delve into the secrets of making beer, which is best done by putting your hands in the mash!

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    Sixpack - Beer Coaching